Andrew Birkin’s research on Barrie has been brilliant ( I was fascinated by the image of Hilda Trevelyan playing Wendy in the 1904 production of Peter Pan. Barrie writes of a pet wolf that Wendy dreams about and finds in Neverland. Like many of his other throwaway lines, we never hear about the wolf again. I wanted the screenprint of Wendy and her wolf to have a theatrical quality featuring the ever-threatening mermaids below.

The idea of the baubles was to trap characters and scenes from other parts of the play into little friezes. I like the scene when Wendy is entranced by Hook for a moment.

A different treatment was accorded to Wendy, who came last. With ironical politeness Hook raised his hat to her, and, offering her his arm, escorted her to the spot where the others were being gagged. He did it with such an air, he was so frightfully distingue, that she was too fascinated to cry out. She was only a little girl.

I cut the silhouettes by hand with a scalpel and then lasercut them to make multiples on a smaller scale.