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Scrooge Christmas Silhouettes

November 25, 2013


Velvet & Dash Interiors have created a series of laser-cut metal silhouettes from my Scrooge design. You can buy these directly from Velvet & Dash and first orders receive 15% off. A perfect gift to cast particularly festive Alastair Sim-inspired shadows on mantlepieces everywhere this Christmas!

Silhouettes at Velvet & Dash

June 28, 2013

I’m excited about these new products created especially for Velvet & Dash Interiors. This Dorset-based interior design and styling company already sell an array of lovely rusty silhouttes to liven up any garden or indoor plants or candles. I’ve designed some wolves and a couple of characters from my Beastly Chronicles wallpaper to add to their collection.

You can buy them directly from

rusty silhouettes


new bauble commission for Oxford University

June 18, 2013

Oxford bauble

Here’s something I’ve been working on lately – a new commission especially for Oxford University shops. I’ve loved cutting out all the incredible buildings that are unique to the city and trying to fit them in a 10cm bauble.

bauble installation at Latitude Festival

July 17, 2012

I’ve had quite a lot of tweets/emails/facebook comments over the past few days in response to the seemingly plagiarised installation at Latitude this weekend which is identical to my work at Kensington Palace last July.

… However, it appears that Kensington Palace themselves have simply replicated the idea at Latitude – with another theme and presumably another artist. They are quite entitled to do this. Ownership of artwork and an idea when it’s created by a commissioning body and an artist together can be vague. I worked on the project together with the Outreach & Community Involvement Officer at Historic Royal Palaces.

It does present interesting questions though for artists when you work on interactive installations and don’t own the concept or the final artwork. Anyway I like Latitude and I’m pleased that all those juicy red baubles aren’t just going dusty in a palace attic.

Print on Prescription wins award!

July 8, 2012

I don’t often blog about Double Elephant Print Workshop projects (as they’re so well covered by my fab colleagues Claire and Cath on twitter and facebook) but last week we were particularly delighted to win the Arts & Health South West award for the inspirational work that Print on Prescription has achieved in the last two years.

This is the team at Mshed in Bristol where all the nominees presented their projects and we had a lunch and awards ceremony and all the lovely things that don’t happen much in our field of work. It was the first time in months that we’ve even all been together… printmaking and outreach work especially in rural Devon can be quite isolating. Anyway to find out more about Print on Prescription then follow Double Elephant on facebook/twitter or check out our website

Sunken Garden Secrets Installation at Kensington Palace

August 3, 2011

here are photos of the Kensington Palace installation of secrets (of former inhabitants and visitors alike!) I liked how the red baubles suspended from the verdant pergolas were like strange berries or fruits filled with all kinds of unusual secrets offered by the public…


Sunken Garden Secrets at Kensington Palace

July 17, 2011

I’ve just finished working on my latest project which is an interactive installation in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace.

As part of the inTRANSIT festival of Kensington and Chelsea, I’ve created a series of lasercut silhouettes featuring the secrets of former inhabitants of the palace (from the ratcatcher and Peter the wild boy to various princesses and princes). The public are invited to go along and add their own secrets between 22 – 31 July.

While working in Oxfordshire over the past few weeks I’ve been visiting Blenheim Palace to get an idea of Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough and to see the statue of Queen Anne commissioned by the Duchess.  This inspired the bauble depicting ‘Secret Regrets’ which suggests the remorse the two inseparable friends may have felt after their friendship dramatically fell apart in 1711.

Masque of the Red Death

June 1, 2011

I’ve interpreted the poster of the classic horror based on Poe’s tale for the flicker club who are screening the film this Saturday (4 June) as part of the Stoke Newington Literary Festival.

Although I’m not the biggest fan of Edgar Allan Poe, this is my favourite of his tales and I did enjoy Roger Corman’s luminous film with Vincent Price as a fabulously evil Prince Prospero weaving through the dancing couples in his pursuit of the red masked figure. I’m really looking forward to the screening at Stoke Newington Town Hall, surrounded by Poe memorabilia… and other dark things.

Residency at Tackley Primary

March 12, 2011

Sadly, I only have a few more days left with my residency (20 days over 3 months) at Tackley Primary School in Oxfordshire. Creative Partnerships have funded the project and I’ve been working alongside storyteller Vergine Gulbenkian ( using the stories she tells with the pupils as inspiration for their printmaking with me.

This has worked really well and the pupils – aged 4 to 11 – have made wonderful imaginative monotypes, collagraphs, monoprints and screenprints. I’ll really miss working with Vergine and the staff and pupils at Tackley.

Here are some images of the printmaking so far…


Collagraphs with Class 4