I started printmaking in 2002 while I was living in Venice and was fascinated by the many dark inky print studios. I learnt etching, mezzotint, and woodcut at Stamperia Albrizzi and Stamperia del Tintoretto. When I returned to Devon in 2005 I carried on learning to print at Double Elephant Print Workshop in Exeter, where I then worked as Outreach Coordinator and one of the directors.

I use portable presses and printmaking equipment to take printing out of the studio and to groups who couldn’t otherwise access it – schools, prisons, hospitals, galleries, festivals and community groups. In 2008 I established a Print-on-Prescription scheme to give adults dealing with mental health issues the opportunity to explore printmaking on a weekly basis and use professional printmaking facilities.

Most of my work incorporates monotype drawings – I love the smoky loose lines and I combine this with screenprint as it enables me to use both flat colour, delicate patterns, drawings and to repeat designs on fabric and paper.

My wallpaper is inspired by the European tradition of papercut silhouettes (particularly the papercuts of Hans Christian Andersen and Lotte Reiniger). I like the restrictive nature of drawing with scissors and blades.  I don’t want to stray too far from the tactile process of sticky black ink, damp paper and rolling plates through the press though, because that’s where the unpredictable printmaking magic takes place!

Since becoming a mum and moving into more even rural Devon, I’ve started experimenting with printing from home as much as possible…keeping it simple with drypoint and small linocuts. Kitchen table printmaking!

For more information on Double Elephant Print Workshop in Exeter please visit www.doubleelephant.org.uk

If you have any questions or would like to discussion a commission please don’t hesitate to contact me.